Business Software

Looking to accelerate your business operations using tech?

Apart from mobile applications and websites, 3BIT also specializes in developing general-use software and apps that businesses may need to automate or smoothen business operations. Business applications have become very handy when it comes to running a business, as they can ultimately save you time and labor costs. The solutions that we provide can be off-the-shelf solutions or tailor made based on the system that you would like to implement. We are not limited to a criteria – whatever comes to your mind, we can develop. We take great pleasure in clients with creative ideas for an application, it provides us a new challenge and an innovative experience on working on a unique project. 

Examples of some common business software used today are;

Some other interesting ideas...
Orders Interface API with POS, for restaurants

Our developers have experience building web applications which act as an interface displaying the orders submitted from a restaurant, by acting as an API to the POS system. This interface can be displayed on a screen deployed in the kitchen and the head chef can view all the submitted orders in an organized manner and view other relevant data such as the exact time of the order and delay as it counts up. This system maintains stability and organization in the kitchen by displaying all the orders in a much organized manner. This can also potentially be used for data analysis models built on top of this interface so that you could find patterns and make business decisions based on the orders that were made and the times taken to finish these orders.

Loyalty Scheme Application, for vendors and services

Loyalty scheme apps are the next step of mainstream client applications. By incorporating your loyalty scheme into a mobile application, your customers have easier access to their loyalty account and redemption of points upon paying for your service or product. The main business advantage of these applications is that you can also advertise your products and offers in the same app. This system also supports a sustainable data model for your business by keeping a consistent tracking of your data.

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